Knitting On The Run

4 March 2011

Quite a number of my knitting friends are runners.  People who go out nearly every day for what to me is a helluva long jog – and at the weekends enter marathons, half-marathons and all the other events that appear to be held in Sydney that involve running.  To me, it would appear there’s something going on nearly every week.

For those of my friends who are worried that their running is cutting into their knitting time, I came across this today:

“Suzie Hewer managed to tackle a knitting job that saw her create a scarf that was one meter and 20 centimeters (almost forty-seven inches) long. Now that in itself is not such an amazing thing but add to that the fact that she was making the scarf for charity … and it is still really not such an incredible feat. However, when you realize that she managed to tackle this knitting job while running a marathon … at the same time … then it becomes a bit more amazing. There is no word on how long it took her to run the marathon though … and no word whether or not she suffered any runs in her scarf along the way.”

So calling Kris, Issy, Fiona –  I look forward to seeing a knitting team entered into the next Sydney Marathon.



  1. I have walked and knitted (around the house, never in public) but running!?

  2. Would it surprise you if I said that I’d actually considered this idea before? I was leaning towards doing it during the City 2 Surf, possibly walking and knitting en-masse in matching T-shirts or something. 🙂

  3. I can remember knitting while walking…I used circular needles and a centre pull ball in my pocket. I was knitting baby hats in the round then, by the dozen for a market stall. I have seen devices to hold the ball from the wrist.

    And Yes, I did drop the ball once and it happily rolled down the hill.

  4. the challenge is on – now I am going to try this – but not the marathon bit that is madness

  5. When I was in Norway some time ago, I saw a statue of a man knitting. The subject is Hans Neilson Hauge (1771-1824), a lay preacher who travelled the length and breadth of the country and made the time pass quicker by knitting. History doesn’t state whether he also did this on the run. But I bet it’s the only statue in the world of a knitter!

  6. I’ve heard of always having knitting with you, but I don’t think I could do this. Maybe, just maybe I could walk and knit just a little

  7. I could see myself having an horrific accident… (I can trip and skin my knees while running without doing anything else, let alone knitting!)

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