A Sock . . . And A Sock

6 March 2011

I never knit socks.  But I started to feel a tad guilty because my husband likes colourful socks and they’re not always easy to find in the shops, the assumption being that men only wear grey or black.

So for Christmas I knitted these  (knitted with Heirloom Jigsaw):


And for his birthday a week or so ago, he got these (knitted with Noro Silk Garden Sock):



  1. Great socks, I’m sure David will love them.

  2. I don’t knit socks either, but you have inspired me. I will try and knit some for my daughter who is a nurse in a NICU department.

  3. Those are beautiful…and hooray to your hubby for liking colorful socks!

  4. Excellent socks! Kudos to your husband for having some fashion sense of adventure for his sock-wear! (As I recall, Jasmine (of the Knitmore Girls podcast fame) – her husband will show off his hand-knit socks to co-workers at every opportunity).
    My DH’s size 11+ feet have not yet been knitted for…it’s on the to-do list (and I’m having guilt after seeing your spiffy efforts). 😉

  5. Those look *very* David. Snazzy!

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