A Hat . . . And A Hat

7 March 2011

Like most ‘enthusiastic’ knitters, I have a box FULL of odds and ends, leftovers from various projects over the years.  I’ve really been trying to use these up by knitting hats for charity as that’s good “train knitting” for the mornings.

I also thought it was about time I knitted a few things I’ve for some reason never knitted before.  I’d never knitted socks before last December and can’t say that I enjoyed it much, except that I DID get enjoyment from David’s pleasure at receiving them.

I then tried a couple of berets/tams from my box of leftovers as I’ve never done those either.  They don’t photograph very well (I should have left them on the dinner plates I used for blocking them!) and the colours aren’t really ME but they worked and I’m sure I’ll find a home for them.  And now I’ll knit one with my tastes in mind because they really seem to suit me (and, again , they’re good train knitting).

100_0397 100_0398



  1. They are lovely. I knitted a Tam for my mother two Christmas’s ago. A friend told me about the plate trick for blocking. I should try knitting one again.

  2. I have the book on Knitted Tams if you want to borrow. There are some more interesting colourwork patterns in there!

  3. I’ve never knitted a tam either but I notice some of the young girls at church are wearing them quite a lot. Maybe I should try one.

  4. My first Tam, an EZ project from “Knitting Without Tears”, looked like a shopping bag! I ripped it out with photographing it and turned it into a beret instead.

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