Policies or Bribes?

8 March 2011

New South Wales goes to the polls at the end of the month.  It’s difficult to know who to vote for – the incompetent or the useless?  Take your choice.

Along with many here, I’ve noticed in the 8 years I’ve lived in NSW, the Liberal party (in opposition) never reveal any of their policies.  They just tell us what the Government (the Labour party) is doing wrong . . . as if we couldn’t actually work that out for ourselves.

But in the last few days, Barry O’Farrell (leader of the Liberal party) has actually revealed some of his plans.  I accidentally caught him on a party political broadcast this evening.  But are these policies?  Or just bribes?

One of his pronouncements was that there would be reduced driving licence renewal fees for safe drivers.  Why?  Is this going to make the roads safer?  Are safe drivers not renewing currently because of the cost?  This seems a very strange policy.  But maybe because it’s not a policy at all . . . it’s nothing but a bribe.   The renewal fee for a 5 year NSW drivers’ licence is $153.  Are they planning to give it to us at half price?  I feel pretty insulted that anyone would think that a bribe of $25 a year would get them my vote.

I think I’ll cast my vote for the person who stands outside the polling station doling out cash to all voters.  At least I’ll admire their honesty.

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  1. i live in a safe labor seat, where the labor party insults our intelligence. I’m insulted by their pathetic attempt to manipulate me. eg:

    i work for the state govt where we were sent a message from our our union stating that we will more than likely lose our jobs if the libs get in. such a manipulative way to to tell us how to vote. except that we’re more than likely going to lose our jobs if the SAP HR project that the current state govt has been working on for 7 years goes ahead under a new government anyway.

    for the past five state election campaigns (at least), the labor party has the local newspaper publish ‘fast track rail link to sydney back on the agenda’ – I’ve seen this lie so many times – there’s no way it’ll ever happen, but it’s doled out to us at the beginning of every state election campaign in the hope that we’re stupid enough to beleive it the tenth time we’ve been told it.

    the labor party logo on noreen hay’s posters is almost invisible. This is the most disgusting perhaps of all, because she’s actually hoping/assuming that at least some (and hopefully a majority) of her constituents are stupid enough not to put the two together.

    Branch stacking, bankrupt local member convicted of fraud whilst still operating a million dollar restaurant chain and a property acquisition company and drives a 150K car around town, the standover tactics of the local ICAC enquiry (which conveniently glossed over the links to the labor party corruption) …

    I wish the only thing I was insulted about was the promise of a $25 discount on my licence. What about the reduction in my electricity bill promise? isnt’ that the same thing?

    i’d love to live in a marginal seat.

  2. It’s a weird issue. A driver’s license in Indiana is valid for six years and costs you the grand sum of $21. (Link) When I first got my license in Sydney, I remember the clerk asking me if I wanted it for one year or five. “Huh? You get to choose?” Yep, she explained. “What’s the difference?” Just the cost. “Why would someone ever choose just one year?” Because they can’t scrape together the full cost for the five-year license. I was flabbergasted.

  3. Proof of honesty through direct bribes, huh?


    Nah, I think I will stick to good policy and representation.

    Thanks for the tip though. Am sure desperate times will force some to consider this seriously šŸ™‚


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