Driving Licences

11 March 2011

After writing about NSW Liberals bribing “safe drivers” with cheaper driving licences, I had an interesting comment from Kris.  She said that in her native Indiana, a 6 year licence (or rather, as it’s the USA, license) costs $21, compared to a 3 year licence in NSW at a cost of $153. 

It made me wonder how much a licence is in the UK.  The format of the driving licence there changed about 10 years ago as previously they didn’t have photocards.  I think all new licences issued since then are the new type but there’s no requirement for anyone to change from the old format.  The licences DON’T have to be renewed – they’re issued until the driver’s 70th birthday and cost 50 pounds (A$80).  So mine is valid for about 45 years. If you need to make any alterations to it, like a change of address, that is free.

However, if you have a new format licence, you DO have to have the photo updated every 10 years, at a cost of 20 pounds.  I’m not sure what happens if you’re caught driving with a licence with an old photo.  I don’t think you’d be prosecuted for driving without a licence (as the licence itself is still valid) but for another offence of failing to update your photograph. 

And on a related note, I once again thank John Alexander, the Federal MP for Bennelong (my electorate) for leaving a comment on the matter of bribing the voters. It would appear that he won’t be popping around with a wad of notes any day soon.  (But does he realise that he’s now in the running to win a prize in my March competition?  It would be a bit embarrassing if his name was first out of the hat as he may then accuse ME of bribery). 

To the rest of you, don’t forget the deal this month.  I promise to blog every day, you leave loads of comments and two of you will win prizes.   Now that’s what I call REAL bribery – yarn and other knitting goodies.



  1. I love that your MP reads your blog – truly in touch with his constituents – does he know what a lefty you are ?

    (couldn’t let a year go by without at least 1 comment, and an entry into the hat)

  2. I don’t know if it was trueten or if it still holds true, but when I visited Australia in 1997 I was told that it was an offene not to have all the driver’s and vehicle documents in the car to show if stopped. I thought this was very odd as the big deterrent to car thieves in te UK, particularly amateurs, is that they have to also source faked documents if they want to sell the car. If they were all present in the vehicle, that makes thieves’ job much easier.

    Can someone tell me if I was being spun a line?

  3. Sorry for typos in above message. My keyboard sometimes goes all sticky.

  4. In Kansas the drivers license isn’t the cost – it’s 6 yrs for $27 USD. But to plate and title the car? My car (which I admit is a nice car) is $1,000. Every year.

  5. I have to agree with you that a license is expensive. I live in Maryland, USA and our licensce renewal is every 5 years and it thirty some dollars. Now our car registration is for 2 years and it depends on the type of vehicle you have as to how much it is. For a sedan it is $185.

  6. It’s wonderful that your local member reads your blog and leaves comments – whether or not he’s your choice of candidate!

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