Oddball Knitting

13 March 2011

There’s been a bit of a stir around the internet in the last couple of weeks about the booklet that’s been released with knitting patterns so that we can all create members of the Royal Family in time for The Wedding.  They are all truly ghastly (except perhaps for the corgi) and just make knitters look like a very odd bunch of weirdos.

However, I’ve found even more weird patterns – but these are so weird they’re quite funny.  We have a knitted Hitler, for a start. 

I do wish someone would knit that for the toy cabinet at the Easter Show (along with Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein). 



  1. The Prince and Kate are kind of cute in a primitive sort of way.

  2. I don’t like the despots. The right time to have knitted them would have been when they were still alive – ridicule is a great way of pricking meglomaniacs.

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