My Family First…My Family Second … etc etc

14 March 2011

Once again, I came home to find a party political broadcast in full swing.  And what a swinger this one was. Family First. 

I’m reminded of the people who say “Charity begins at home”.  What they generally leave unsaid is that they believe it ends there too.  The Family First party rings the same warning bells with me as they bang on about Family Values. 

I’ve never seen any indication that they care about any other families but their own.  Have I missed their campaigns against the holding of families in detention centres, sometimes for years?  Are they supportive of same sex couples who wish to make a family?  No, of course not. 

I’m part of a family.  Our values don’t reflect those of Family First in any way whatsoever  – if they did, I think I’d disown every one of them. 


One comment

  1. Check out the Australian Families Lobby – trying to reclaim the word “family” to be inclusive.

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