Ticking The Right Box

17 March 2011

I MUST stop watching Party Political broadcasts.  Well, if the truth be known, I don’t exactly tune into them.  I just come across them, and then don’t tune out.

But no party has seen fit yet to really give me any specifics – except for Barry O’Farrell’s promise to reduce the cost of driving licences for safe drivers, though I have to say that doesn’t inspire me to rush to put the number 1 against our Liberal candidate (we don’t put a X in Australia).

Then a few days ago we had the party that stands for Family Values whatever they may be.  And tonight Barry again – this time with a pledge to “support local communities”.  As opposed to?  Destroying local communities, perhaps.  Support them in what way, how, by doing what . . . ?  A few specifics would be appreciated.

And if you think I’m being prejudiced by not picking on Kristina Keneally, worry not.  It’s just that I haven’t seen any of her broadcasts yet for some odd reason.   But I’m sure when I do, I’ll find fault.  I’m like that.

The problem the voters of NSW has is that do we really want to vote for ANY of these people?  There are only 6 names on my local ballot paper – and two of those belong to the Christian Democrats (a party I find neither very Christian nor at all democratic) and Family First (those with the family values).  That narrows the field to 4, one of whom is an Independent I know absolutely nothing about (must read local paper this week).  Then there’s the Green candidate, who I vaguely know about.  The Labour candidate who is very young and inexperienced.  And the Liberal candidate, who is the sitting member.  He who never answers letters from his constituents.  And was President of the NSW Right to Life organisation. 

For those of you outside Australia who may not know this, voting is compulsory in Australia – well voting itself isn’t as long as you turn up at the polling station and get your name crossed off the list.  If you then wish to deface your paper or leave it blank that’s up to you.  But even in England, where I had the choice to vote or not, I always voted.  At two elections I stood and there’s nothing quite like casting a vote for yourself.

I’ve 10 days to decide what to do.  Must do a bit more research.




  1. Hi Ms PomPom,
    it’s certainly a bit of a conundrum at present!

  2. I really, really didn’t like Ms Keneally’s scare tactic rant. But I agree, the Liberals are vague (that’s the polite description)and the others are completely unpalatable for one reason or another. It is indeed, a conundrum.

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