Bits and Pieces

22 March 2011

I’ve had lots of comments this month I really must answer.

Yes, Kiniacat, we’re all crossing our fingers that the Easter Show display will change this year – for the better, we hope.  I love your comment that despite the “cringe” in my voice, you think I still “politely” describe things!   It’s very tempting, as I’m sure you can imagine, to be more than disparaging at some of the items on display.  There are usually 3 or 4 where David (knitting David NOT husband David) and I just look at each other and shrug (but unfortunately you can’t hear the shrug), followed by a whispered “What is it?”.  There have been occasions when our combined brains couldn’t come up with an answer.  I particularly remember one item that looked like a toilet seat cover (and about the right size);  it was a really bright yucky pink and had a small doll attached to it. No idea what it was, not even sure we managed to discover which category it was in.  But the biggest question was “Why would anyone use their time and skills to knit THAT?”.  Fortunately most of the items, while not always necessarily to my taste, are very well made and some, particularly last year, were quite stunning.  I’m looking forward to meeting up with David again at the Easter Show this year.

A number of you seemed to agree with me that deciding how to vote on Saturday was a bit of a conundrum.  And a number of you also agreed that the Catholic Bishops had pointed us in roughly the right direction! I remember once before talking here about what I consider the outrageous amount of money that is given to so-called “private” schools by the Federal and State Governments and having what could be called I suppose a “robust debate”.  The idea that Governments fund schools run by the Exclusive Brethren and Scientologists is frankly ludicrous and does a great disservice to our children.  I’m sure to return to this topic as it really isn’t going to go away while all politicians are frightened of the repercussions they will suffer at the ballot box if they change the status quo. 

So far it’s been a good month.  Even the subject of the price of driving licences drew quite a large response!   



  1. I remember the debate on private vs public school funding – interestingly, i am now taking advantage of the excellent public school system Australia has to offer, but am still a strong advocate of the government funding private schools, primarily because it costs tax payers less! The gov currently funds the average private school kid less (and in some cases up to 1/3 less) than they pay for a public school kid. If they stopped funding private schools, most parents would no longer be able to afford the fees, resulting s large increase in requirements for public schools. This would not only require massive investment in infrastructure, but also mean that the amount of tax dollars spent per child would increase significantly.

    So ironically enough, your tax dollars funding all those little rich north shore kids to go to private schools actually means my kids can go to a much less crowded, much better run public school for next-to-nothing. This is all above and beyond the simple position that as a tax payer and citizen, it is fit and proper that the government pay for the education of my kids, and if they choose to condone a system of multiple providers, then they should contribute for each and every kid, and leave issues of choice and top-up to the individual.

    Now, where fringe schools like Exclusive Brethern and Scientology fit in, i have no idea. Possibly it’s to find a use and a purpose for those well knitted, but undefinable items from the Easter Show.

  2. As described, the item in question sounds like a “bed doll” without the cushion. My first boyfriend gave me a blue bed doll for our first (and last) Christmas together – I had been hoping for a friendship ring and was very disappointed!

    A bed doll is one of those type of dolls that also covered the spare toilet roll except the bed doll’s dress(knitted/crocheted) covered a cushion, the purpose of which was to ‘decorate’ the bed. Here is a link of crocheted versions: http://www.thefind.com/crafts/info-crochet-bed-doll-pattern

  3. I am looking forward to the Easter Show review again this year – and I wish I could hear the muttered-under-the-breath comments between the two of you. I imagine in my head that you spend more time with your heads together laughing than ever gets recorded. Thanks for an annual treat from the far side of the world!

  4. Gretchen 23 has a point. The “outtakes” from the Easter Show reviews would probably contain a fair amount of laughter. The whispered pauses might require supporting pictures for explanation (or so that we could see the expression on your faces!). {wry grin}
    Your description of memories of past Easter show reviews made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the giggle – it’s been a long week.

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