Is It Cureable?

25 March 2011

I’m pretty sick of politics.  You’re probably sick of politics.  So the night before the people of New South Wales go to the polls, let’s forget about politics.

And what can be more important than politics than knitting?  I do occasionally take time out from ranting about the woeful state of Australian political life to actually do a bit of knitting.  Cardigan finished this week – just sleeves to be sewn in.  I eventually found the missing sock yarn so David WILL get the one that (vaguely) matches his birthday sock.  And I’ve nearly finished a scarf I started months ago.  I’m trying to clear the decks so that I can start on something a little more fulfilling. 

But does anyone else suffer from “that yarn is so gorgeous I couldn’t possibly use it up by knitting with it so I’ll just look at it for another few months-itis”?  I haven’t used ONE skein from the really fantastic yarn I was given for my birthday (8 months ago!). . .  and I love all of it.  Those kind friends who gave it to me must think I don’t like it.  The fact is that I like it too much to use it – and therefore not have it any more! Madness, I know.

Anyway, I need cheering up at the moment.  So next week when I’ve cleared some old projects away, I’m digging out something wonderful from my ever-growing stash.  And I’ll knit it.  And it will be for ME.

I’ll let you know if that cures me of this unpronounceable ailment.


  1. I to want to get somethings finished so I can knit on something new. I have about four things that need finishing. I am slowly working on my Buttercup top, I love it but it is taking forever, sock yarn takes so long. This is my goal to finish this top as soon as possible.

  2. And here’s me thinking that you picked March to start your blog so that you’d have an easy time finding topics for the anniversary month ( at least every 4 years).

  3. I know what you mean about the yarn problem. I have skeins that I was either given, or have swapped, or even bought that I just can’t seem to ball up to knit. Or I haven’t found *the perfect* pattern for it. I have a ball of merino/silk 4ply in the most gorgeous oceanic colours that I simply can’t think what to knit with it. My solution is to just keep casting on things. So naturally I now have a blow out of WIP’s.

  4. You should have seen some of the beeautiful yarn and knitting Gelena had at the workshop today! *drool*

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