As We Enter The “Let Them Eat Cake” Era

26 March 2011

The polls have closed in New South Wales. A sad day. Opposition parties don’t win elections . . . Governments lose them. 

I haven’t met anyone who is voting for the Liberals because they think they’ll do a great job . . . in fact most people have no idea what the Liberals WILL do, as they haven’t seen fit to share their plans with us.  (Correction – I did read that they’re intending to build new roads.  New roads = more traffic, as has been proved time and again all over the world.  We don’t NEED more traffic.  We NEED public transport) 

And, as I read today, whichever way you vote, you still end up with a politician.


  1. And i’m amazed again, as i was with the federal election, how easy it must be to rig the vote. There is NO validation of personal identity, or whether or not i’ve voted anywhere else. “Who are you?” “jo blogs” – “ah, here you are on the list – have you voted today ? ” – “No” – “ok, here’s ballot papers” – no ID, not even something basic like a stamp to say you’ve voted. With seats changing hands on 100 seats, how on earth can the verification system and the opportunity to rig it still be so archaic ?? Blows my mind…

  2. I agree with Mikezed. DD voted absentee (since we were on our way home from Galena’s lace workshop). She was asked for ID because they couldn’t find her on the computerised electoral roll – she has been registered for seven years and received a letter from the electoral office, addressed to her at her current address, just this week. The poling officials (yes, plural) finally found her – after she had produced photo ID of her married name (driver’s licence) and maiden name (TAFE card).

    On the other hand, I was voting in my own electorate – same questions as Mikezed. Surely a simple card mailed to each voter (oh, the cost!) which must be supplied at the poling booth together with photo ID before one can vote would be better than the current system. And with modern technology, I’m sure someone could come up with something much less clumsy (short of micro-chipping the whole population!).

  3. I work as an election judge here in Missouri. Our voters have to produce either the card mailed to them giving their poling place or a photo ID (most often driver’s license).

    I wonder why civic authorities are so blind to public transportation. We, too, need more of it. But getting the taxes passed to produce it is nigh on to impossible.

  4. I agree – it’s a totally antiquated system. Because voting is compulsory it has to made as easy as possible for everyone to vote. Sending everyone a card which has to be surrendered at the polling booth (as they do in the UK) would lessen the risk of multiple voting.
    Presumably some comparison of all the manual electoral rolls at the polling booths is done so that they can identify (and then fine) people who haven’t voted.

  5. I would be incensed if I were told where I had to vote! People are so mobile these days that you have to let people vote anywhere they happen to be. And it’s not just about compulsory voting either – exactly the same system is used in NZ, except that there if there is multiple voting or an appeal it is possible to trace the vote through a number that is printed on the voting paper and written in the copy of the electoral roll used in the booth. There was a case some years ago of a very close vote (count difference of less than 30) in one electorate, and they discovered that many of the people who had voted actually only lived in the electorate (city fringe) at the weekend; they lived in the city 4-5 nights a week. Their votes were disallowed, because legally they should have been registered at their city address, and it changed the result of the election.

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