The 2011 Winners Are . . .

5 May 2011

I know you’ll all understand why I’m a little late in announcing the winners of my 2011 Blogaversary competition.  But I now have two winners.

I had 103 comments here in March, 33 of which came from outside Australia. 

And the winners are . . .

Ailsa at Knitabulous (NSW, Australia)

Virginia at Kiniacat Crafts (in Tucson, Arizona) 

Virginia I know only from her regular comments on this blog but Ailsa is a good friend.  HOWEVER, she has her own hand-dyed yarn company producing some of the most stunning yarn you’ll find anywhere in the world.  I nearly put her name back into the hat as what on earth could I get for her that she can’t produce better for herself?   But I found some prizes while I was in England and they’ll be in  the post in the next 7 days (when I’ve recovered them from the bottom of my suitcase). I hope I chose well for both of you.

And a big Thank You to all those who left a comment. 



  1. Good to have you back, Sally.

  2. You’re way to kind Sally. But I never win anything, so I’m dead excited about this!
    Can’t wait for WWKIP day either..

  3. Belatedly – my thanks! A very nifty surprise!
    Congrats to Ailsa as well!

    Perhaps we can send a little of our Arizona summer heat to you-all on WWKIP day! (We’ll be a’cook’n whilst you-all might be a bit chilly…)

  4. Lovely, tactile yarn the colour and sheen of a deep red rose arrived at my home last Wednesday! A very spiffy Sydney WWKIP Bag was also enclosed!
    I can’t thank you enough and I must compliment you on your excellent taste in yarn and Blogiversary prizes.

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