Another Overheard Conversation

13 May 2011

Oh, the sins that can be covered up by mobile phones.

To set the scene – I live in a suburb of Sydney and catch a train most days into the City.  This morning, I heard the following:

Woman on train, using mobile:  “Hi, it’s Jane.  Sorry, I won’t be able to attend the meeting today as I’m in Melbourne at the moment”.

A few of us looked at each other and eyebrows were raised.  I was tempted to shout “Liar” but controlled myself.  





  1. THanks – you just made us both laugh out loud.

  2. You’ve got to admire the effrontery! I’d never have the gall to do it.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha, brilliant!

  4. You clearly missed your blackmail opportunity there, LOL 😉

  5. Interesting! LOL

  6. ha ha!! classic

  7. wish you had…..

    too too funny

  8. The Chutzpah of Jane!
    I admire your restraint!

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