Just To Prove . . . .

21 May 2011

That I CAN crochet.  It’s just that this is the only picture I have.  I made this when I was about 21 and this is me wearing it at a Tarts and Vicars party when I was 25!  (For those of you confused, I went as a tart – and a pretty gormless looking one at that)

Sally crochet dress


  1. Did you think we doubted you could crochet?

    It’s a lovely piece of crochet (I was going to say “work” but I don’t want my meaning to be misconstrued LOL)

  2. Classic! And one VERY visible panty line! Fortunately no photographic evidence survives of me in a similar garment.

  3. You certainly can crochet. Hilarious! Very Bowie-esque.

  4. I keep trying to come up with a comment but anything that comes to mind seems to carry a double entendre so I’ll just say…You certainly can Crochet. 😉

  5. and what about that gorgeous retro bedspread!!

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