Just To Prove (Part 2) . . . .

23 May 2011

That I used to play the trombone.  That’s me on the far right, aged about 17, in Woburn Sands Band (Buckinghamshire)

 WS Band

Note that there are 4 females in this band.  In the first one I played with, I was the first.  While I was recently in England, I attended a couple of the band practices and more than half of the players are now women. 

As usual, I was at the forefront of female emancipation!!



  1. I used to play the trombone, too – but it was in the school band, and I don’t have a photo of it, let alone one as good as yours!

    I gave it up while I was still at high school. Maybe if we’d played jazz, rather than classic band pieces with very standard arrangements, I might have kept going, but alas, we didn’t.

  2. I had to look hard to find the other females – must need new glasses! LOL

    Waht made you choose trombone?

  3. You’re such a thoroughly modern Sally, aren’t you? Nice pic of you!

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