Just To Prove (Part 3) . . . .

24 May 2011

That I also played in a jazz band – the Aqualantix.  I think I was 17/18 in this picture.


In my last post, Bron said that she also played the trombone and maybe would have continued with it if she’d played jazz which I’d never really thought of before – maybe my interest continued long into my late teens because I played all sorts of music.  My social life at this age was taken up with playing in various bands/orchestras/jazz bands and it was great.  I was living in a town not known for its nightlife but I got to go to lots of parties.  I think the most memorable was playing at a wedding where the bride’s mother had died the day before.  A little difficult to make the party go with a swing!

And Lynne asked “Why the trombone”.  Answer: “I have no idea”.  At the age of 5, I announced to my parents that I wanted to play the trombone.  I don’t know where I’d heard one or why I was so interested, but I bugged her about it for months apparently so when I was 6 she organised lessons for me, with the local brass band.  I was never more than competent – I’m not a particularly talented musician unlike some of those I played with – but I loved it and it certainly made me the object of a lot of (male) interest!


  1. Ah yes, the things we decide as youngsters! Aged nine, I told my parents I would be a teacher one day – guess what?!

    I can relate to “never more than competent” – I love music but was only a reasonable technician. My real music, from the heart, came from my voice not my fingers! Playing guitar in the seventies wasn’t really unusual though – I think many people dabbled! What was unuusual was that I was still playing well into my forties!

  2. Sally, these photos are FREAKING ME OUT. You look like some glamourous young Twiggy model there, the kind that should be gracing magazine covers, but also recognisably yourself, and the fact that these are photos of someone I actually know is doing my head in! 🙂

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