Bone-Headed Beliefs

5 June 2011

I already bang on, at length sometimes, about the stupidity, the heartlessness and plain downright immorality of politicians.  Then I follow that up with a swipe at those who would introduce religion into every part of the daily lives of those who don’t hold a belief in any sort of supernatural power. 

But I have never for some reason touched on the subject of the other scourge of our society which will have a far greater impact on the lives of all of us – those who believe that the whole climate change debate is some sort of left-wing conspiracy aided and abetted by tens of thousands of scientists around the world who just want to make life a little more difficult for us, while at the same time punishing big business for their audacity in making lots of money. 

Excellent article in the SMH this weekend from Richard Glover.   I particularly like his prediction that in years to come, the climate-change deniers will become  climate-change-denial-deniers.  “It wasn’t me, guv.  I agreed with it all along but what could I do?”.



  1. I hope the police can track down the bone-heads who think that making death threats against climate scientists is smart and can throw them in jail (perhaps on a low-lying island?). See if they can be climate-change-denial-deniers with that on their criminal record.

  2. Dr Karoly gave Alan Jones a serve a while back on his program, and Media Watch played it back for those who would rather walk on nails than listen to his show.

    I went to the pro carbon tax rally at Central today. Thousands of people of all ages, families, old people, the police had an easy day of it, given the relaxed and cheerful mood.

    I sat there knitting away, thinking that making socks is a great way to promote sustainability: I am using a renewable resource, it is an Australian resource and as I often buy yarn from op shops, I am keeping a valuable resource out of landfill.

    I am old enough to remember that people used to have less of material goods, and they paid more for them. This current dose of affluenza isn’t making us any happier than we used to be.

  3. And you don’t perceive the pure, unalloyed “Liberal” fascism demonstrated by Richard Glover in this “tattoo-’em-and-stake-’em-out-to-die” proposal of his?

    Let me offer you a counter-prediction.

    As the years pass, and the oceans do not rise, as the global average temperatures do nothing more than persist in the same, slow, steady rebound from the Little Ice Age we’ve seen since about 1850, as the Keeling Curve keeps on trending up and up and up, and as the laws of physics continue to prove that the AGW contention is nothing more than preposterous hokum (and concerted political fraud), YOU are never going to be able to escape the persistent Internet proof of your own idiot gullibility in having not only fallen for this fraud but also cheering enthusiastically for the worthless aggressive violation of other peoples’ rights to their own property, their liberties, and their lives.

    Ain’t never gonna go away, and you’re now so thoroughly tied to it that you might as well be tattooed over your own forehead.

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