No Right To Free Speech If Your Name’s Richard Glover

13 June 2011

Last week I wrote a blog post about Richard Glover’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald about climate-change deniers.

In yesterday’s SMH, he tells us that his piece was picked up in America, widely circulated and the website received over 300,000 hits on his article.  And he received close to 3,000 emails, most of them abusive, including death threats and various details of how the writer would like to torture or rape him! 

What happened to the right of free speech in the Land of the Free?   Or does that right to freedom of speech just extend to being free to abuse whoever you wish and threaten them with death in various ghastly forms?

I even got a comment from one of those who feel this is just some massive conspiracy but as my personal well-being wasn’t threatened, I let it stay – I was called an idiot and gullible but I can live with that. 

Introducing a carbon tax in Australia isn’t proving dreadfully popular with a lot of the residents . . . but having said that, when I was campaigning at the last election, Kevin Rudd’s change of heart about introducing some sort of emissions trading scheme wasn’t very popular either.  Governments nowadays are obsessed with spin, with focus groups and with staying in power at all costs.  Why would our Government want to introduce something that may not win them a lot of votes unless they genuinely believe that this is the right and important action to take?   

And if the scientists are eventually proved wrong, so what?  We’ve cleaned up the environment, we’ve cut our electricity consumption, we’ve reduced our reliance on fossil fuels.   

Win/win situation as far as I’m concerned.


One comment

  1. Well said, ma’am.
    Sadly, some people think that Freedom of Speech only applies to their own speech/viewpoint.
    I do find it embarrassing when we Americans forget what we’re supposed to be about.
    The vehemency shown against perfectly reasonable ideas tends to constantly astound me.
    Thank you for sharing your perspective and Mr. Glover’s. My comments may not be quite so interesting or useful {wry grin} because I agree.

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