Teaching Knitting

24 July 2011

This last week I’ve been in Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast.  Aptly named – it was beautifully sunny for the time I was there, while Sydney soaked in the wettest July days recorded in 40 years or so.

But I wasn’t on holiday.  I was learning to teach knitting with a group of 24 others, through the Craft Yarn Council of America’s teaching programme. This was the first time the course was taught outside North America so we’ll be the first Australians to get this qualification, which will be awarded when I’ve got the teaching practice part under my belt.   

I’ve done very little knitting teaching and had no idea whether I was approaching it correctly.  I learnt to knit when I was 5, taught by my mother and grandmother, and can’t remember how they did it.  But whatever it was they did, it certainly stuck with me!

So, now I just need willing pupils.  Anyone?


  1. Congratulations. The Guild can always use tutors!

    I wish I had known about it – I would have been very interested in attending!

  2. I’d really love for my two daughters to be among your first pupils, but sadly it appears they have no desire to take up knitting. I’ll let them both know though that you’re looking for people to teach. Any idea where or when you’ll be teaching?

  3. Well done, you! I have undertaken to teach some people to knit at work so if you need a group to work with – let me know!

  4. Of course I already know how to knot – but I am sure there are loads of things you could teach me!

    Also, there seems to be interest in having an ongoing crafty morning at my place – perhaps you could teach a small group?

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