Quality Or Quantity?

8 September 2011

Thank you for asking, but I’m fine.  My recent long silence doesn’t mean I’ve gone away, nor am I ill or stumbled in the road and broken my other hip.  Normal life has just intruded into my blogging time.

On top of that, there is so much happening in the world, and in Australia in particular, that frankly I haven’t known where to start.

So I’ll start with a subject that is very close to home.  This is something that rears its head regularly but is being played out in the media a lot at the moment.  Children turning into loutish adults because they weren’t brought up by TWO parents (of opposite sexes, of course).

I’m sure there are a lot of adults in this category.  One parent and bad parenting.  And then there are those others with two parents and bad parenting.  Lousy parents sometimes work in pairs and good parents often do the job single-handedly.

I don’t very often talk about my husband here but I get angry on his behalf every time I read such tosh.  David was born in 1946 of a single mother.  He has never met his father.  One parent families are not a new phenomenon.  In the year David was born, in the UK one in three births was “out of wedlock”.  He was brought up by his mother and grandmother, with no male grandparents or uncles.

And how did he turn out?  His friends (and mine too, I imagine) would say he’s a thoroughly decent and honourable man – it’s one of the reasons I married him.  There wasn’t much money around but he was totally loved and cared for by these two women, neither of whom unfortunately did I ever get to meet (but he says his Mum would have liked me!).

Compare this with the Kray twins and their family.  The twins and their brother were brought up by married parents in a close family complete with grandparents.  Three out of the three siblings became convicted homicidal maniacs.  I got really sick of hearing how their mother was a wonderful woman –  I wouldn’t normally blame all adult criminal activity on the parents but three out of three?  Something was a little amiss in their upbringing me thinks.

Fortunately David hardly ever reads my blog so he won’t know that I’m comparing him to the Krays!

Let’s stop insulting good (single) parents by placing the blame for all society’s woes at their feet.   




  1. Thanks! From one of the (reportedly) decent single parents out there.

  2. Absolutely true! Bad (or good) parents can come in singles or pairs, in either sex!

  3. Excellent point, Sally! (Late to respond due to hols).

    And David is of course a delightful man…

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