Yearning For The High Life?

12 September 2011

An application is about to be approved for what will become Australia’s biggest brothel (40 beds and 21 waiting rooms, if you’re interested).  The council received 80 objections to this proposal, including one from someone who said that the area was already well served by brothels and another complaining about the lack of disabled access. . . .  the reply to the first was that the nearest brothel is 75 metres away, and the second that people with disabilities can enter through the basement and use the lift. 

Brothels have been in the news a lot lately.  An MP is alleged to have used the credit card supplied by his employer (a union) at a number of brothels.  Politicians involved in sex and fraud scandals – who’d have thought it, eh?  An opposition MP said that the MP had been using the card to “live the high life”.  I think this says more about the accuser than the accused.  Visiting brothels doesn’t really come into my definition of the high life.

Frankly, I have no problem with brothels – they’re far preferable to street prostitution, particularly for the women who work there.  But I thought the first story was quite funny and the second quite sad.

Incidentally, you should know if you’re visiting Australia that a red light outside a building does NOT denote a brothel.  It’s a doctor’s surgery.  EXCEPT that sometimes it IS a brothel.  I would think that causes a lot of confusion among clientele of both services.




  1. Somewhat related – “Sexyland” wanted to open a store in a warehouse located near the main railway overpass into Geelong. Someone complained to the Council that it would be the first thing visitors to Geelong would see and would give the city a reputation for all sorts of debauchery. Further investigation into the complaint revealed it was made by the owners of “Fantasy Lane” – an adult store located in the main street of Geelong. We now have a giant sex shop located on the outskirts of town.

  2. Anyone remember Gerard Hoffnung’s advice to travellers to Germany that the red light was the police station and the blue light was the brothel?

  3. I once lived in a block of apartments in Kings Cross that had three brothels as neighbours in the same small street. I never once had to give a taxi driver instructions about how to find the street – though I often had lots of inquisitive looks from the drivers during the ride!

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