Irregular Postal Services?

19 September 2011

There’s a discussion going on over at Ravelry at the moment about the large American company, Knitpicks, suppliers of yarn/needles/books.  They refuse to ship internationally because, they claim, they’re concerned about the efficiency of other countries’ postal services.  In other words, they just can’t be bothered.

A couple of years ago, I wanted to send a friend in the US a Knitpicks gift voucher (to be delivered by email) and they wouldn’t accept the order because I didn’t have a US address (and I didn’t know the street address of the recipient).  After a few emails back and forth, they accepted the order . . . IF I put in Knitpicks’ address.

Well, today I was looking at the website of another American company – not a craft/knitting site.  I thought their shipping details were wonderful:

“We can ship to anywhere on the planet that receives regular postal services. (Please note that we’re currently unable to ship to addresses in France, Italy, Monaco and Germany).”


So if you live in one of those countries and are desperate to place an order with this company, I suggest you find a friend in Bhutan, Vietnam or Qatar as the company doesn’t appear to have any problems sending goods there.




  1. Not the same, but similar… I notice that the major dating sites offer a choice of countries to search for a potential date. The list always includes Vatican City. Ummmm.

  2. Really? I can grasp places like the Horn of Africa or North Korea but Germany? How do they think the Wollmeise sends her yarn to America? Carrier pigeon?

  3. I have heard that Knitpicks has an agent in Australia, and while that person exists, they won’t send direct from the States.

  4. Hmm, weird!

  5. Belatedly (I’m catching up). I have to say I love your wry perspective of the world at large. You are wonderful and your un-common common sense is a treasure.
    Please keep up the good work/words/blogging.

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