Apologies For Being Crude…..

20 September 2011

Warning:  This blog post is rude.

I’ve talked here before about my constant amazement at the things people are willing to talk about on their phones, somehow thinking that a telephone conversation is private, even when it’s conducted on a packed train.  I’ve sat through a conference call organising work rosters and downright lies (“I can’t make the meeting – I’m stuck in Melbourne” from a woman on a train in central Sydney).

But I think today’s experience tops the lot.

Fairly smartly-dressed man in his 40’s talking into his phone in the foyer of an office block in the City. 

“If you lean over the counter, I could f*** you from behind” 

I’ll say no more.



  1. Unbelievable!

  2. Well that certainly beats Clive the Overly Loud Commuter, telling his “doctor” over the phone that it’s not dripping nearly as much as it did last week……

  3. Gee, that’s not even very adventurous of them!

  4. !?!

  5. ha ha ha, oh my goodness. Maybe he thought he was in a phone box like in the olden days.

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