Health & Safety At Work

28 September 2011

David received a spam email last week from a company promoting a self-help book on How To Run A Successful Small Business.

It highlighted some of the topics covered and one was “Why you shouldn’t take a gun to work”.

Apparently this isn’t good business practice.

Who’d have thought it?



  1. Almost as good as the signs on all public establishments in Kansas- no hand guns allowed. I still shake my head every time I see it. On public offices, restaurants and the mall. Makes me wonder where I have moved….

  2. Seriously? Some people like to state the bleeding obvious but writing a sentence/paragraph/page or more on the topic is so unnecessary.

    Actually, one of my colleagues did bring a gun to work once but he was going to the gun club after work and had no ammunition with him — it still got him into a lot of trouble!

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