Only In The First World

29 September 2011

While waiting for the kettle to boil, I was idly reading a food packet that was on the kitchen work bench.

“Perfectly balanced nutrition – Exquisite taste and aroma – Wholesome ingredients – Enchanting shapes”.

Then: “Exceed your cat’s expectations”, “The refined flavour your cat demands”.    And the wonderful “Sure to provide an exquisite dining experience for your cat”.

I haven’t found that Chloe is particularly enchanted by the shapes (or are they supposed to appeal to me?).  I don’t think her expectations are ever exceeded (she has pretty high expectations) and I have no way of knowing whether she’s had an exquisite dining experience.  Is she supposed to leave a large tip? 

David swears that about 20 years ago he bought some cat food in France which he thinks was called Suculus.  This suggested “Serve with a side salad to enhance your cat’s enjoyment”.  I know exactly what MY cat would say if I presented her with anything resembling food that you grow, rather than kill. (Although I did have a cat who loved peas, and he lived to 16).





  1. My furball isn’t picky about shape, but he does have a marked preference for smaller pieces. Although he probably would try salad, I wouldn’t offer it since my cats have always given the impression that they seek out grass in order to clear something yucky out of their stomachs.

  2. I had a cat that was partial to the odd peeled green grape, but he was a Manx……

  3. Our cat has a daily chew on the grass (or various plants in the garden) – apparently it’s quite normal!

  4. Belatedly (again/still):
    I dunno…a bowl of salad sounds like an interesting cat toy…
    Tomatoes roll nicely, digging through the lettuce to find the tomatoes, or will salad remind them of my spider plants that they chew down to nubs at every opportunity?
    Or maybe I’m just a bit too well trained by my furballs to view most everything as a toy/edible?

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