Olympic Knitting

10 October 2011

No, knitting hasn’t yet been admitted as an Olympian event but for those sports lovers among you, maybe you’d like to knit your own Olympics dream team.

I won’t be bothering (not interested in sport; generally aim to knit items that are attractive).

Link courtesy of Judith (also not interested in sport;  what a strange family I inhabit!)




  1. The main reason I can’t rustle up any interest in sport is that I have absolutely no sense of competitiveness, Even when I was swimming for a club, I’d come home full of praise for the performances of those who’d beaten me. Apparently, this non-competitive spirit is deeply frustrating to others as there’s no fun for them in taking part in any activity where winning is seen as important if the other person isn’t bothered whether they win or lose.

  2. Only one thing to say here: “Why?”

  3. LOL — and a friend was telling me about the knitted Royal family, too …

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