Sweaters For Penguins (Again)

20 October 2011

A few years ago the cry went out around the knitting world for sweaters for penguins who’d been harmed by an oil spillage off the south coast of Australia.  They were inundated with them, from all over the world. 

This time, it’s for New Zealand penguins and I received the following from my MP, John Alexander, as he knows I’m a knitter with lots of knitter friends.

“Not sure if I have quite evolved to the point where knitting is my sport of choice (despite tennis getting harder in my 60′s). However, this call to arms sure is motivating! Thought you may all appreciate:

Knitting for Penguins.

I am presuming this is legitimate. If so, perhaps some of you may like to get your yarn and needles into action?

I am happy to look after the postage: just drop off your woollen creations at my office in Epping.

All the best

John Alexander MP
Federal Member for Bennelong  –  44 Oxford Street, Epping

So if any of you are answering the call, get them over to his office or give them to me at any of the various knitting groups I attend around Sydney, and I’ll drop them into him.

Thanks for the offer, John. 

PS:  The pattern is here.

PPS:  Apparently they’ve already got all those they need.  I know that Australia ended up with THOUSANDS they didn’t want so maybe they’ve sent them over to our NZ friends.


  1. Didn’t they carry on getting them for years after they needed them in Aus? I had a vague impression they might have a massive stock already to forward to NZ.

    Nice man your MP!

  2. I imagine you don’t wander into Over the Fence much these days, but somebody over there pointed out that they’ve already got enough jumpers. Check out the very end of this story: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/AK1110/S00518/rena-update-33.htm.

    And tell your MP not to spread it anymore or they’ll get zillions again!

  3. Message received. Thanks Kris.

  4. Noooo! Last time, this went viral. LET’S STOP IT NOW!!! 🙂

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