Knitting? Moi?

3 December 2011

I really DO knit – I just hardly ever blog about it.

In fact this year I calculate I’ve made 4 sweaters and cardigans, 4 shawls, 3 pairs of socks, a baby blanket, numerous baby hats and about 3 baby jackets.  I’ve also completed three-quarters of another jumper before ripping it all out and an ENTIRE cardigan ripped as soon as I’d finished it (for non-knitters, that doesn’t mean it got torn, but rather that I unpicked it to use the wool again as I didn’t like it).

I don’t think I’ve put one of these items on here, nor in Ravelry.  I’ll try to rectify this over the next few weeks.  And I’ll start here:


Daybreak Shawl being blocked (ends not yet sewn in) 

So I  thought I’d devote my time to something “challenging”.  I’m currently having to knit at the dining table, in complete silence, as every row requires my concentration.  I’m surrounded by the chart on a magnetic board, symbols blown up so I can actually read them, and the stitch glossary typed up in LARGE letters in a more legible format.  The cable pattern has 68 stitch repeats AND 68 row repeats.  It has ten different cable stitches.  No wonder I can’t memorise it. 

I’m half-way through the back and thoroughly enjoying it so far.  If it works out (and from past experience, that’s not a given) I may enter it into the Easter Show as it’s MODERN (pattern from Vogue Knitting) and I think quite striking. 

If it’s going into the Show, that gives me a good excuse not to post pictures (I hate taking photos)!        


One comment

  1. I heard a rumour that you were a knitter and it proves to be true after all!! 😉

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