I Resolve …..

2 January 2012

Over the last couple of years, so many of the blogs I used to read have fallen by the wayside.  Maybe the blogger’s circumstances have changed, they’ve just lost interest, or perhaps they’ve run out of things to say.  No idea – but it’s sad to see them go.

I really enjoy my blog.  I’m self-opinionated, I know, and I always say that it’s like owning my own newspaper where I get to write the editorial page.  Except that I don’t have to pander to my readers.  My ability to pay my mortgage doesn’t depend on my readership (for which I’m grateful!).  If you don’t like what I say, feel free to tell me or just go elsewhere. 

So I’m a bit sad that I devoted less time to it last year than in previous years, as my annual statistics have proved to me.  I suppose life got in the way.  They also showed that I’d had visitors from as far apart as Peru, Lithuania and Madagascar.   

As well as giving me an outlet for my thoughts and opinions, I’ve made “real life” friends through my blog over the last 5 years (Hello to Emily, Lynne and Denise just to name three) and very good online friends too (Quick wave to Pat and Virginia in the USA – maybe I’ll meet them some day).  I’ve had wonderful messages of support during hard times (my accident, my mother’s death) some of which have really moved me. 

I therefore resolve this year to put in more effort.  I refuse to be a blogger who disappeared into the ether.  Oh no, you can’t get rid of me.  Where else can I have a rant?

So Happy New Year to you all.  I look forward to “meeting up” with you more frequently in 2012. 



  1. Oh no! You mean you’re staying? I still have to read and comment?

    Just kidding! Glad to hear you’re hanging around!

  2. I think 2011 was a rough year for a lot of us – may 2012 bw a lot better. Happy new year to all Sally’s readers.

  3. There’s moves afoot to stop Aussies from owning newspapers. They can’t be trusted with ’em. Happy New Year, Sally.

  4. I think I’ve become one of those bloggers. I blame my job. And other blogs. I love reading other blogs but forget to update mine. Lucky I don’t rely on my blog to pay my mortgage either!

  5. Time to all get together and encourage each other. Best of the new year to you, Sally. Keep ranting! -Pat

  6. I enjoy reading your blog and will continue to look forward to new posts from you. Good wishes for a great year.

  7. My contribution to the blogging world will have to be egging you on. (Maybe I’ll manage email replies too???) THe world would be so much duller without your opinionated blog!

  8. Happy New Year!!

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