Proud To Be Australian?

6 January 2012

Yes, it seems that Australia – the land of the outdoor ‘lifestyle’, an obsessional love of sport, Bondi Beach and bronzed Sheilas – is (with New Zealand) the region of the world with the highest levels of marijuana and amphetamine use.  Story here.

The Australian Tourist Board keeps this one quiet.   Maybe they could include it in their next campaign.  Images of Paul Hogan smoking a spliff as he encourages the world to “put another shrimp on the barbie” and head Downunder spring into my mind.



  1. Never done either – does that make me un-Australian? It does? But I was born on ANZAC Day – they don’t come any more fair dinkum than me! 😉

  2. I can see it now… “Buy a one-way ticket; you’ll be able to fly home under your own steam”.

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