First Off The Needles 2012

19 January 2012

I have so much knitting on the go at the moment – I just can’t stop casting on! 

But first off the needles this year was a Baby Surprise Jacket (the amended version knitted in stocking stitch) with crocheted sleeve and neck edging and (vaguely) matching hat.  The baby (a girl) is due in May so this should fit her next (Sydney) winter

 Becs Baby

And the second is a baby bib – knitted in Bendigo cotton (dyed and gifted to me by Jenny) in an evening.  Difficult to see in the picture but it has the outline of a bear on it. 

Bib 1



  1. I got the first pattern for this jacket from the London Sunday Times, about 35 years ago. I must have knitted 10 or more and love it because it’s different every time, depending on colours used, etc.

  2. Love the bear!

  3. Knitting? What is this blog coming to?

    Lovely BSJ – I think I like it more in stocking stitch.

  4. I can see the bear!

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