No Balls; All Sleaze

21 January 2012

Over the years I’ve come across many MPs whose politics I don’t necessarily agree with but for whom I can have respect.

Tony Abbott doesn’t rank among their number.

He’s back on his “Stop the boats” high horse this week and has really outshone himself.

Firstly, in a radio interview he JOKED that the Costa Concordia was one boat that was stopped.  Yes, with 11 confirmed dead and 25 missing to date.  Good one, Tony.

Then he says that if he becomes Prime Minister after the next election he will order the Navy to turn back the boats.  I’ve covered this subject before.  We SHOULD NOT demand that our sailors break every bit of maritime etiquette and practice by towing small boats out to sea.  I hope they’d have the courage to disobey those orders, court martial or no court martial.  They have to live with the consequences of their actions while Tony I would imagine sleeps well in his bed at night.

Though frankly I don’t think it would ever come to that.  Surely when the people smugglers hear that’s what will happen, they’ll just scuttle their boats as soon as they see the coast guards.  And what will Tony tell the Navy to do then?  Leave the asylum seekers in the sea?

This man is a real sleazeball.




  1. I really couldn’t believe it.

    And I have a very low opinion of him already, but that was beyond appalling.

    Worse still, a friend of mine criticised him on facebook and was met with, “lighten up, it’s just Aussie humour”.


  2. Agree!

  3. Hi Sally!

    I am sorry I did not get in touch with you before. I just wanted to wish you a happy new year and say that I miss you at the cafe!
    I hope you are well and happy!
    big hug.
    Luiza (Koko) 😉

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