The Curse Of The Easter Show

22 January 2012

David Reidy first asked me to do the review of the Easter Show for Sticks and String in 2009.  Half an hour before the recording, a tooth fell out.  Not sure David knows that but it did make my speech a bit slurry.

However, he asked me back in 2010 and all seemed to go without a glitch.  EXCEPT that at the time the shows were transmitted a couple of weeks later, I was tucked up in bed in hospital with a fractured neck of femur.

The 2011 Show came around and I was really looking forward to doing the review again.  There were a lot of new categories in the knitting section, I knew a number of people who’d entered and I thought that the two of us would be able to do more “oo-ing and aah-ing” than groaning that year. We were even promised better displays.  BUT my mother became very ill in England and I had to fly over there.  She died a week later. 

Anyway he’s decided to give me another go, and I’ve decided to laugh in the face of The Curse.    

I know that there’ll be at least one entry I can drool over but that’s because I’m entering something myself.  Whether anyone else likes it remains to be seen.  I’ll put up pictures after the Show (if I finish it on time and I deem it fit to enter – about a third of the way through at the moment).  What about you, David?  Entering anything?  You’ve got another week to submit the entry form.

I’ve had comments from S & S listeners around the world and even met a couple of people in other countries who’ve recognised my voice.  Wonderful invention this internet thingamajig, isn’t it? 


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  1. Curse be gone! Go for it!

  2. Yes, go for it! I started following your blog after your Easter Show review with David Reidy and I’ve enjoyed it and found it very interesting.

  3. Wonderful invention, all this technology, widening our circle of friends!

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