Spelchekin …..

10 February 2012

I write all my blog posts on Ecto, an offline blogging program, then upload them here (WordPress).  I find it much easier to post links, upload photos etc, than direct into WordPress.

As with practically all programs that deal with text, Ecto has an inbuilt spell-checker, which I largely ignore because it works in American-English (and I don’t).  So I just do a quick read-through of all highlighted “errors” to see if they really are errors or just an inability to recognise British English (or Australian English, sometimes).  I think some of my American readers must think I’m a lousy speller, but I’m not.  We really do spell ‘recognise’ with an ‘s’ despite what Ecto says (and ‘cheque’ with a ‘q’ – it comes from the word ‘exchequer’).

What I’ve noticed though, which I find rather strange, is that Ecto doesn’t recognise words like ‘blog’, or even ‘internet’.  Or, for that matter, ‘Ecto’ itself.  You would have thought that a program written especially for the purpose of uploading BLOG posts to the INTERNET would have been programmed to approve those words.   

It would be like having a spell-checking system on Ravelry that questions the word “knitting”.      



  1. I use Windows Live Writer for creating my posts and it’s spell-check allows me to add to the resident dictionary. So it copes with K2tog and such!

  2. I now use Windows Live Writer and am a much happier blogger. I have set Writer to Australian English so my spelling errors are generally typos. I have also switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox which checks the spelling as I type.

  3. We Americans know that other places spell some English words differently. Most of us are not bothered by this.

  4. I enjoyed reading Bill Bryson on American English, as he explains that some US words are actually preserving the 17th century English usage brought over by the pilgrims. My biggest difficulty, many years ago in the early days of word processing was when I was doing motorsport sponsorship for a Honda team. The programme changed “Honda” to “Hindu” every time I typed it.

  5. Ah Sally! You make me laugh.

    And remember a skit the american comedian Gallagher (sp?) used to do on spelling and word pronunciation. A classic!

  6. I have always found it amusing that the Ravelry spell checker thinks “tink” or “tinking” is a mis-spelled word. 😉
    (As does this comment spell-checker, but I know it’s not knitting oriented.)

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