I’ve Got A Special Voice??

14 February 2012

Last week, I phoned a woman I’ve never met and whom I’ve spoken to on the phone just once.  She answered, I said “Hello Jane” and was about to introduce myself when she immediately said “O, hello Sally”.  I was a bit taken aback that she recognised me immediately (and it wouldn’t have been from the incoming telephone number). 

This has happened to me quite a lot – not just in Australia where I have a ‘foreign’ accent but in my native country (England) where I haven’t! 

I went to a knitting group once in a completely different country, and someone there said she didn’t think she’d ever met me before but she recognised my voice.  It turned out that was from Sticks and String.  I hadn’t realised it was so distinctive. 

I THINK I’m flattered.   



  1. But when I’m staying with you and answer the phone, people think I’m you and say how similar our voices are. Which is quite odd really, as we’ve lived in different parts of the country/world since I was about 17 and you were 14.

    • Judith’s right. Even I can’t tell the difference! Our mother had an answering machine and at some time we’d both recorded the message. If I phoned and she didn’t answer, I wasn’t even sure whether it was my voice or Judith’s talking to me! And neither of us has lived together or with parents since we were 17/18.

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