My Wife Really Loves Me . . So Should You

27 February 2012

Today in Australia, the Labor members of Parliament voted for their leader (and therefore the Prime Minister).  If you live in Australia, try as you may you couldn’t have avoided the mayhem of the last few weeks.

I watched the dramas unfold after the vote and one question immediately sprung to mind.  Why does Kevin Rudd take his wife to work?  In fact he had his daughter and son-in-law with him too.  And it isn’t as though Therese has nothing to do all day – she has an international business of her own to run. Julia Gillard doesn’t feel the need to drag Tim with her everywhere, clutching him by the hand.  He just comes out of the Lodge for official functions where partners are included. 

Can you imagine Winston Churchill holding Clementine to his bosom as he walked through the corridors of Westminster?  Or Harold Wilson and Mary?  But Tony Blair did it a bit too as does David Cameron so it must be a “thing” of the younger generation.  But ONLY among the males. 

The female leaders of the world would like to be seen as having gained power through their skills NOT because they have a good-looking bloke in tow, or beautiful children.  They don’t want us to vote for them because they’re good mothers and devoted wives.  But the men appear to want us to judge them on their “family values”.  I’ve no idea what Angela Merkel’s husband looks like – in fact I had to look at Wikipedia to see if she had one (she has – Joachim Sauer). 

So Kevin, David, Barack – leave your wives at home or doing THEIR day jobs while you get on with yours.  That’s what the rest of the work force does.   


  1. Very disturbing to read of this saga unfolding. Haven’t they learned from the UK Labour government how this ego-clash destroys real advance?

  2. I’m so glad you wrote this! For some years now I’ve been totally nauseated by the handholding that goes on befween senior politicians and their wives. I wouldn’t hold my husband’s hand if I were attending a business meeting with him and probably not at a formal social event, either. When President Kruschev died, there was a head-scarfed woman at the graveside. That was the first time we learned that he had a wife. A bit extreme, perhaps, but a damn sight better than the “It’s my first day at school” look that handholding gives.

  3. Yes, sorry, I missed the whole point of your post. I, too, find this whole thing cringe-worthy. But, the real tragedy here is that, unless there is a clear result today, the Labor Party will disintegrate. I speak as someone who mortgaged 10 years of my life to get Labour in here, only to have Blair & Brown destroy each other and, more importantly, put us in opposition for God knows how long. I’m aware you’re a Rudd-person, Sally. Please use whatever influence you have to avoid the same outcome.

  4. I found the image of Therese simpering on my TV unbearable. No, I will not spruik for your husband. Yes, I know he worked hard; that’s not the point. I immediately contacted my member and asked him to vote for Julia. Yuk!

  5. And the patronising, patriarchal way in which he referred to Therese was equally nauseating.

  6. I don’t think we see too much of Michelle Obama.

    • But when we do, they’re holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes….

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