A Shonky Business Model

28 February 2012

Back to the strange goings-on at KAL Media.

The liquidator’s report into the voluntary liquidation of the company in June last year makes very interesting reading. 

The statement from the one and only Director says that her plans for the company became ‘frustrated’ when a creditor obtained a County Court Judgement for 4,500 pounds and the company had to pay it to avoid receiving a visit from the bailiffs. 

So it would appear the company’s business model and any expansion plans are based on its reluctance/refusal to pay its creditors.

I know how she feels – my plans for the future are frustrated by having to pay bills as well.  I could travel the world for half the year if I didn’t pay my mortgage for instance.  But life just isn’t fair, is it?

ETA:  Reading the liquidator’s report more thoroughly, I think I may have misunderstood this.  I think maybe the CCJ was the catalyst to KAL going into voluntary liquidation (so they WOULDN’T have to pay it), rather than that KAL actually paid it.


  1. I regularly read a blog where the author has submitted a design to ACM for their new magazine, Modern Quilting (launched this month). I am debating with myself whether to tell her what I know through reading your blog and following various links …

  2. If we don’t share information then the ‘sharks’ of this world will continue to just trawl up the ‘little’ people and after the event it is to late to say ‘Oh I know about them’111

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