Five Years Of Pompom!

1 March 2012

March is Pompom’s anniversary.  I find it difficult to believe that I’ve now completed five years of writing here.  Love it!

As usual, I promise to post every day in March.

And also as usual, there are prizes!

Leave a comment here during March and your name will go into the draw.  One name = one entry.  So you don’t increase your chances by commenting every day (though if you want to, please feel free – I love to hear from everyone).

Now I’ve just got to find things to write about which I’m sure you’ll all point out is not usually a problem for me.  Keeping me quiet is generally the problem.

A big thank you to those who are still reading after 5 years, a big welcome to everyone else.  Thank You.



  1. Been off the grid for a very long time…but just read the post and had to say “hi” and “congrats” on your anniversary. In case you don’t remember – I turned up to a few of the Rubi and Lana knitting meetings several years ago – heaven’s time moves quickly.

  2. Ah… yes, I meant “Heavens! Time moves quickly”….hope you had a good laugh at that one….perhaps time really does move quickly in heaven?

    • No, Cat, in Heaven I believe time takes an eternity! Lovely to hear from you after such a long time.

  3. Kudos and Congratulations!!

  4. I was out of the Blogiverse for all of March and April due to an ever-decreasing “service” from our ISP so I am very late in wishing you happy 5th blogiversary. I am now reading my way through all your posts from 1 March forward – don’t want to miss anything! Hurrah for 21st century speeds with our new ISP.

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