Take As You Find

3 March 2012

In general, I like people until I have a particular reason not to.  If you tell me you don’t like them, I’ll probably not let that skew my opinion – unless the reason for the dislike is something so dreadful that I couldn’t possibly ignore it. 

Occasionally I meet people I really just don’t warm to immediately and probably don’t know why.  And sometimes I’m proved dreadfully wrong and they turn out to be lovely. 

So in general, you could probably say that I take as I find.

BUT if 10 people tell me they’ve been to a restaurant and it was dreadful and one person tells me it was wonderful, I wouldn’t say “well I’ll ignore the opinions of those 10 until I’ve tried it for myself”.  Why would I risk throwing my money away?  I’d look for another restaurant where the opinions are reversed.

Which is what I’m finding strange about some of the comments I’ve read about the whole KAL/ACM fiasco.   

Occasionally, for instance, a designer will say that they’ve had no problems with the company and always been paid on time.  And as they “take as they find” they’re going to ignore the complaints of all the other designers and carry on submitting work.  Or someone has never had problems with their magazine subscription.  Or with their club membership. 

Does it not concern said designer, or do they not think it’s odd,  that they’ve received payment for a design in the last issue but others have been waiting for payment for the last 12 months or more?  When the payments stop, will they be screaming all over the internet that they’ve been ripped off or will they at least have the decency to admit that they were warned and for some obscure reason chose to ignore the warnings?   This isn’t just about showing some sort of solidarity with others who haven’t been quite as fortunate as you . . . it’s about Caveat Emptor. 

I did read one comment from someone who said she’d heard for many years about parcels going missing, about sock clubs that didn’t deliver, about designers claiming they hadn’t been paid BUT SHE IGNORED IT ALL because she hadn’t had any problems.  Until this latest sock club.  Now she says she feels a bit stupid.  She’s not stupid – like all of us really she wants to believe the best but when the evidence piles up, it may be just a little naive to ignore it.

And I don’t want to read in 12 months time of more people who thought it couldn’t happen to them.  It could . . . and the past would suggest it probably will.

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