Very Posh!

7 March 2012

I’ve often heard mention of Posh Yarn around the internet but I hear of so many hand-dyeing companies, some good, some not so good, and can’t check them all out.  AND I don’t want to be tempted.

But I’d heard so many reports lately about the quality of this company’s dyeing, and the really excellent customer service so had to take a peek.  It looks as though the owner, Dee, produces such wonderful work that she’s in the “Wollmeise situation”, ie people wait at the keyboard until she’s uploaded her stock and grab it. 

And great news for those of us in Australia (or the US).  The company charges a flat rate of 2.50 pounds (currently AU$3.73) for delivery – anywhere in the world, whatever the weight. 

Unfortunately I don’t usually get up that early on a Monday morning (she updates at 7.30pm GMT Sunday night) but may just make an exception!

I’ll show you what I got when I get it. 



  1. Sally! I don’t need more yarn but now I will just have to check it out. Also seeing as I am a morning person now!!

  2. Lovely and tempting…I think I’ll plot to live vicariously through your acquisition so do please show-n-tell!

  3. I have been tempted more than once by Posh yarn. The colours are usually gorgeous and the yarn bases are a delight to work with. I may have joined the yarn club this year…

  4. I’ve used posh yarn from ages ago – before I came to Sydney. Lovely lovely stuff, and v good customer service.

    Did you know Dee was the original owner and dyer of Hipkits? She sold it to Kerrie before she (Dee) moved to Wales, I think. A certain deterioration took place…

    But poshyarns are a delight!

    • Yes, I knew about the history of Hipknits and it’s reallu good to see that Dee went on to do so well and to have such a good reputation within the industry.

  5. Awww, thank you all so much!!! We do have a few regulars in Australia & New Zealand, and I find it quite humbling that they are willing to get up in the early hours for our updates. The set postage rate is a bit of a thank you for international support, when there are so many businesses you could be spending your money at. I also try to do a Dawn Update once every 6-8 weeks, where the update time is 4am UK time, so much more reasonable for you guys down under!

  6. Good luck! I could never get anything in the updates, and I quit trying after six months. I was lucky enough to participate in a couple of clubs, so I got to enjoy a bit of Posh, but whew. Those updates are brutal!

  7. I had terrible dealings with Posh Yarn on several occassions. The holier than thou attitude is a crock!

    • My what a sour puss you are. How can a yarn seller have a holier than thou attitude? Unless of course you mean that unlike ACM / KALMedia / Hipknits / AllthingstoAllman or whatever guise they are calling themselves this week the Posh team actually provide the goods which have been paid for in a timely fashion.

    • How very strange! I’ve seen dozens of people reporting nothing but positive experiences with Posh. You are the only one I’ve seen with anything negative to say, and that rather vague.

      Whereas, the list of people reporting the wrongdoings of Ms Allman seems to grow by the day and is quite specific: subscription copies of magazines not delivered (I have a personal horse in that race), designers not paid, sample garments not returned, people who paid for hand-dyed yarn receiving cheap commercial yarn, and above all no response to attempts to contact Ms Allman to resolve issues…

      Who are you, Annalou?

    • The fact that you cannot spell gives many of us a clue to your identity.

  8. Care to expand? If there is a problem with this company, I want to know.

    • PS. Hi Lucy. If you are on Ravelry, you might want to do a search for Posh Yarn customer service, or Posh Yarn complaint, something that should bring up any complaints that have been made about us over the last six years, if there are any.

  9. Yes, I think I’d like to know who you are, as well. And more specifically what the “terrible dealing on several occasions” were.

    • Don’t hold your breath Dee. BTW I have always been a very contented customer of yours.

  10. Thank you Dee. I searched and searched but everyone says how lovely you are and how great both your products and services are. I hope i can get to one of your sale days soon.

    On the other hand, KALMedia, Hipknits, and ACM was rather a shock!!!

    • Good, thank you for doing that! You are wise to be cautious. Thankfully a good reputation cannot be faked.

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