Favourite Aussie Knitwear Designers

8 March 2012

Who are your favourite Australian designers selling patterns online?  All suggestions appreciated and I’ll post a list here later so everyone can share (and then I’ll tell you why I wanted to know!).

So if you’ve got a real favourite, do please leave a comment with their name and a link if possible.   



  1. Assemblage – no question. http://www.kirstenjohnstone.com/assemblage-shop/category/knit-patterns/

  2. Georgie Hallam of tikki fame on ravelry who sells wonderful knitting patterns for kids. Also Andromenia who does the same sort of thing and is on ravelry also.

  3. Oops forgot Andromenia isnt an aussie designer so you better scrap that last one and only include the first one!

  4. Jussi!

  5. I don’t make very many baby things, but when I do they’re always Jussi’s. But she is a kiwi, of course. And please don’t anyone say she can be an honorary Aussie. That will make me very cross. 🙂

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