Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

13 March 2012

I’m old enough to have learned that people don’t always agree with everything I say.  In the five years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve only once (about 2 years ago) refused to let a critical comment here be published and that was because it was about two pages long (if what you have to say takes two pages, get your OWN blog).

Three comments from the same person have appeared here from someone who feels that as I’m not currently suffering from the rather unusual business practices of KAL/ACM, I have no right to comment on them. 

I don’t quite follow the logic of this but maybe there was none. 

So, hypothetically, I have a few friends who buy a certain brand of baked beans and find that the tins contain dead insects.  And then I hear of others who have had the same surprise.  But, apparently, I mustn’t say anything about this to anyone, particularly not in a public forum like the internet, because I didn’t ACTUALLY find insects in MY baked beans.  Then I discover, through reliable sources, that nothing has been done in the factory to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.  And I STILL have to keep quiet?


And what does “You will end up regretting this” mean?? 

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  1. So, when that commenter gets insects in a can of beans there is outrage that no one who could have given a warning did so? Just because you haven’t been caught out in the mess is no reason not to let others know. Public service and all that.

    • I am grateful that you led me to Ravelry and the big maggots there.

      My credit card is less grateful that you also led me to Posh yarn and the yarn temptation and nice group there.

  2. Bullies find their power is gone when people stand up to them. This is an old saw, but it’s still true, even on the internet. Good on you, Sally. In fact, because you haven’t been directly affected, you are able to give a reasoned and factual account more easily then someone who has lost money or intellectual property to this person. The fact that the new company has had county court judgments against it already is just mind-blowing. Why don’t they just pay their bills?

  3. What? Someone threatened you? I’m even more disgusted!

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