Only Men Need Apply

18 March 2012

A friend of mine has a husband who’s amassed quite a number of Emirates frequent flyer points.  So he thought he’d treat the two of them to a bit of an overseas holiday.  Just phone up, book two tickets and away they’d go.


He can buy tickets using these points ONLY FOR HIMSELF. 

If the points had been in my friend’s name, she could have bought tickets for the two of them.  But Emirates has a rule that points can only be transferred to THE HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD (now that’s an expression I haven’t heard for a while).  As he’s a man, he must be the H of the H. 

So he can’t buy tickets for either his wife or his daughter (who lives overseas and would appreciate a free flight) but either of them can transfer their points to him. 

I’ve travelled with Emirates a few times and it really is one of the best airlines I’ve used.  But what era are these people living in?



  1. Blimey Riley!thats a shocker. Though I suppose it is Emirates …

  2. Wouldn’t it make sense that the H of H (i do like that abbreviation) would be the one to buy the tickets for the rest of the family? I mean, he’s the H of H so he holds the power to plan trips?

    (I probably shouldn’t look for logic in sexist behavior though, it’s better for my health not to.)

  3. The H of H can receive points/benefits but cannot “bestow” them upon anyone else?!?
    Ironic from either side…and I can’t find words to describe my response/the look on my face right now. (Which probably looks like I unexpectedly ate something distasteful…but I don’t know what it is that I ate.)

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