And A Third Big Plug

25 March 2012

More lovely UK dyers/knitting goody sellers that I’ve come across – and they’ll all DEFINITELY ship to Australia (and if they’ll ship to Australia, I presume they’ll also ship to the USA).

If you’re looking for really beautiful hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester, Larissa has some great colours over at her Etsy shop, Travel Knitter.

And for hand-dyed pure silk, try another Etsy shop, Willowknits, owned by Anne.  I LOVED the colours.

How about some wonderful wooden, hand-crafted swifts and spindles?  I have had so many recommendations for Claire’s company, Sunflower Swifts.  I realise posting a swift to Australia may be a bit expensive (though I’m sure if you don’t mind waiting a while, sea-mail may be an option) but she also has some lovely spindles and nostepinnes. 

Why haven’t I got more money?  Why haven’t I got more storage space? 




  1. I’ve got a sunflower swift – totally great. Simple (little to go wrong) well- made and really rather pretty.

  2. My favourite spindles come from Claire. They’re beautiful, elegant and spin effortlessly.

    And I bought some yarn from Travel Knitter which arrived the *next day* and it’s even more gorgeous than it appeared on the screen.

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