Must Be Something About My Face

26 March 2012

I’ve travelled a lot – in the UK, Australia and lots of countries in between.  And there’s one thing I can always be sure of.

As soon as I step foot in an unfamiliar country, city or suburb someone will ask me for directions.

Today I was in a part of Sydney I hardly know and within 2 minutes of getting off the bus, I was asked to help a couple.  And ten minutes later, I was approached again, this time by a woman.

The place was hardly sparsely populated – in fact it was really busy at lunch time in an area with loads of businesses.  So I’ve no idea why I was selected.

Maybe I just look as though I’m the font of all wisdom?


  1. And/or that you look friendly, approachable, intelligent and harmless?

  2. You are, aren’t you? A proper font, that’s what I thought when I first met you.

  3. I’m sure it’s your friendly approachable manner.

  4. Aaargh Sally, this happens to me too. I think people approach me because I look quite benign and probably speak English. Although I grew up in Sydney, there were lots of changes during the 21 years we lived in Hobart.

    I was mortified though when asked where Woolies Corner was, and I didn’t know. Major senior’s moment…..

  5. I agree with the above comments. You definitely look to be friendly, approachable, kind, wise…you certainly are all those things electronically. 😉

    I often get the “Have we met somewhere?” query because I have “one of those faces” and I appear to look familiar to most people.
    However, my face also seems to convince people I work everywhere….the big box craft store, the hospital (nurse thought I was a doctor – that one scared me a little), and the home improvement store (even though I was NOT wearing an employee orange apron). {wry grin}

    • Friendly and approachable? Maybe. Kind? Well, I’d like to think I am. But wise? NOBODY has ever accused me of being wise.

      I think I prefer Pat’s suggestion which was “harmless”. Yes, I probably look quite harmless.

  6. It’s just that you look kind and intelligent. That’s a good combination to look out for when you need help 🙂

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