It Just Goes On and On

28 March 2012

There’s a long thread in Ravelry about the bizarre business practices of KAL and All Craft Media,  entitled “This isn’t going to end well”.  Someone has suggested it be renamed “This isn’t going to end…”

And apparently it isn’t.

Their previous clubs having been so successful (!), Knit Magazine aka All Craft Media, previously KAL Media started a lace club.  Some lovely yarn offered and so far received (albeit generally late), with patterns.

The 4th and final shipment was due with the subscribers in “the middle of March” and it was a skein of Wollmeise lace – a very sought-after commodity.  But on Friday 16th March the company announced that there was no Wollmeise.  Apparently Wollmeise had inexplicably returned ACM’s payment, ACM doesn’t know why and is looking into it.

Perhaps I could save them the trouble.

On 1st November, Knit Magazine posted on its Facebook page that it had ordered the Wollmeise Lace. Apparently Wollmeise generally ask for prepayment.  In December or January, Wollmeise emailed Knit to confirm the order as they had not heard from the magazine.  Receiving no response, they understandably sold the yarn. Their only contact with this publisher has therefore been when the original order was discussed.  Fast forward to the beginning of March and Wollmeise received a payment from a company they’d never heard of (well, they do keep changing their name) with nothing to say what the money was for.  So they, again understandably, returned the money.  Of course they now know what it was for, having read about it on Ravelry. Not sure how ACM was going to get the yarn from Germany and out to the subscribers by the middle of March, incidentally.

ACM promised to source an alternative and as they’d received a full refund of the payment to Wollmeise, something special was expected by the subscribers. They then announced that the replacement comes from a “hand-dyer in Hertfordshire”.  Unfortunately the only hand-dyer anyone seems to know of in Herts. is none other than Hipknits (owned by Kerrie Allman and now run by her father).  They assured the members that’s not the source but wouldn’t give the name of the new yarn.  However, they said they will add a skein of Sparkleduck (a lovely yarn) to the final instalment. Nobody is holding their breath.

After a few days of pestering, ACM finally informed the sock club members that the yarn was from Colourmart, a 47% merino, 30% viscose, 15% polyamide and 8% cashmere yarn. (Wollmeise lace is 100% merino).  Colourmart is a perfectly reputable company (which gives outstanding customer service from what I’ve heard) although I don’t know anyone who has tried their “mixed yarns”.  Incidentally, their yarn is generally oiled as it comes from yarn made for machine-knitting.  No idea how that’s going to take the dye.

And onto the dyeing.  The “professional” dyer isn’t in fact in Herts, but in Essex.  We’re told that she doesn’t normally sell the yarn she dyes (not sure what ACM’s definition of “professional” is then?)  She may or may not do a good job but this ISN’T a suitable substitute for Wollmeise.  A trip to the Trading Standards Office in the UK is called for here, I think.

In the meantime, the members of this club have received by email the pattern for this instalment, which by all accounts is lovely BUT is written for a cobweb lace, not for Wollmeise (or the substitute Colourmart yarn). 

No, this isn’t going to end at all.


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  1. Colourmart does carry a good selection of cobweight lace yarns. Wonder why one of those wasn’t chosen.

  2. More tunnels than a rabbit warren and probably just as many escape routes.

    Yes Colourmart is reputable, polite and give great service.

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