Easter Swap

30 March 2012

I’ve just taken part in a swap organised on Ravelry – it’s only the second I’ve done as I’ve been scared off by horror stories I’ve heard in the past, but this one seems to be working brilliantly. 

For those of you non-knitters who have no idea what I’m talking about, the idea is that the swap organiser lays down the rules and each person taking part has to send out a surprise package.  Person A sends to Person B who sends to Person C etc.  So the only thing we know is the name of the person we’re sending to – we have no idea who is sending to us.

In this case, we had to include a skein of yarn from a hand-dyed yarn company and it had to be there before Easter.  Most of the people involved in this are in the UK and my parcel hasn’t arrived there yet but I got mine this week and it’s wonderful.



That’s a skein of EasyKnit merino 4ply which has fantastic colours. The “mitten blocker” below is a key ring believe it or not (from The Yarn Cafe) , and the skein of Opal yarn is tiny. It came with a pattern to knit a little cabled mitten to go on the key ring!  I’ve never seen that before – thought it was really cute.  And some wonderful china buttons from Injabulo.  AND an Amy Butler  bag for carrying knitting (or anything else) around.

It was lovely to get a beautifully wrapped little package in the post for no special reason and I’m really thrilled which what was chosen for me.


  1. Oooooh. Spiffy.
    Neatly done and well received.

  2. You know I have yarn envy!

  3. Ooo, a bit of yarn envy herer! LOL

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