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The Magazine Formerly Known As …..

24 March 2012

For those of you trying to avoid buying any publications from All Craft Media (and their previous incarnation, KAL Media), I just thought I’d let you know that Knit Magazine, which used to be known as Yarn Forward, will from Issue 50 (end May 2012?) be known as Yarnwise. 

They call it a re-branding exercise; I call it confusion marketing.

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Clear As Mud

23 March 2012

Following on from the gobbledygook I quoted yesterday from a UK knitting magazine, I’ve remembered something I heard on television in the UK about 10 years or more ago.  It’s always stuck in my head.

Three men had been found dead in Essex on a country road or in the woods.  The senior police officer being interviewed for television news said:

“We don’t know who they are,  but if they’re who we THINK  they are, they’re known to us”

Clear as mud as my grandmother would have said.


It’s Exactly The Same . . . But Different

22 March 2012

On their Facebook page, a certain UK knitting magazine was recently asked whether the pattern, as photographed on the front cover of their upcoming issue, wasn’t the same as one by the same designer in a competitor’s magazine last March.

The response received was that it had “identical similarities but is different”.

“Identical similarities”??  What the heck does that mean?  It’s exactly the same but it’s not??


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And a Second Big Plug

21 March 2012

As I said the other day, I’ve recently “met” online a number of great suppliers of yarn and other “essential” knitting stuff.  So as a service to Australian knitters, here are some more you may like to peruse.  They all assure me they ship to Australia.

Maple Tree Yarns has a great range of yarns and patterns.  I particularly like the Blue Faced Leicester and Wensleydale (not easily available in Oz).

The Yarn Yard not only has some beautiful yarn but they also make and sell Yarnvelopes for storage of patterns and swatches.  Hadn’t seen those before.  

And if your stash budget for this month is already spent, go over to Joyarna who has some of her patterns for sale (and some free ones as well).




Things I Don’t Understand . . . . No. 4

20 March 2012

We have an answering machine on our land line.  If someone calls and we don’t answer, a message is played saying the usual “There’s no-one available to take your call at the moment.  Please leave a message after the bleep. When you have finished recording, please hang up”. 

Well, there’s my first question.  What do we expect people will do EXCEPT hang up?

After the message has been left, and the caller has hung up, the voice then very politely says “Thank you for your call”.

WHY?  The caller has already hung up.  Who is she talking to?


A Big Plug

19 March 2012

I’m the moderator of a wonderful group on Ravelry which came together to support the designers, subscribers and sock-club members who have been thoroughly “shafted” (for want of a better word)  by the company that used to be KAL Media and is now All Craft Media.

They are some of the loveliest people I’ve met on Rav and a number of them are hand-dyers, pattern-writers, or purveyors of all sorts of knitting goodies.  They’re all based in the UK but will ship to Australia at a price that doesn’t make it appear that your skein of yarn is getting its own seat on a British Airways flight.

I thought I’d perform a public service here (well, we all like to find great new suppliers of yarn, don’t we?) and point you in the direction of some of them.  I would stress that I have no connection with any of these companies but love what they’re selling.

So in no particular order, here are some I know.   

The Yarn Cafe sells yarn (including some lovely hand-dyed from Literally Yarn), notions, needles and bags.

Colorimetry has a wonderful Etsy shop full of hand-dyed yarn and tops, including some beautiful linen and cotton.

Ripples Craft is an independent hand-dyer based in the Scottish Highlands – beautiful colours and lots of silk.

And, finally, for those whose stash containers are overflowing but would like to treat themselves (or someone else) to a small gift, have a look at these stitchmarkers, courtesy of Stitch Cuddles – wonderful miniature coffee mugs and tea sets.

I hope these whet your appetite for more – I’ll be back in a few days with another four or so.


Only Men Need Apply

18 March 2012

A friend of mine has a husband who’s amassed quite a number of Emirates frequent flyer points.  So he thought he’d treat the two of them to a bit of an overseas holiday.  Just phone up, book two tickets and away they’d go.


He can buy tickets using these points ONLY FOR HIMSELF. 

If the points had been in my friend’s name, she could have bought tickets for the two of them.  But Emirates has a rule that points can only be transferred to THE HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD (now that’s an expression I haven’t heard for a while).  As he’s a man, he must be the H of the H. 

So he can’t buy tickets for either his wife or his daughter (who lives overseas and would appreciate a free flight) but either of them can transfer their points to him. 

I’ve travelled with Emirates a few times and it really is one of the best airlines I’ve used.  But what era are these people living in?