The Lack Of Crime In Bennelong

2 April 2012

Last week I went to a forum held by my Federal MP, John Alexander, on the subject of crime in our area.  Our local Police Superintendent was in attendance and I was very glad to have him confirm that this really isn’t a very crime-ridden area.

Some of his figures were quite astonishing –

Robberies: an average of three a month

Alcohol-related assault: down 25% this year (no idea what the base figure was)

And our local detectives have a 73% clear up rate, which I think is pretty marvellous.

I only asked one question which was why weren’t these figures plastered all over the local papers?  In my experience having worked in community organisations in the UK and been on the local Police Consultative Committee there (Do Australia cities have such things?  I’ve never heard of them) is that the fear of crime is much greater than the crime itself.  I knew elderly people who were quite afraid to go outside even during the day – they were scared they’d be mugged in the street or their house would be burgled while they were away.

The police assured me that the crime statistics were given to the newspaper but they were rarely published.   I suppose they feel it’s much more exciting to put a picture on the front pages of an elderly person who’s been beaten up – without mentioning of course that if this were an everyday occurrence it would hardly merit 3 lines on Page 8. 

After the meeting, I had coffee with said MP and it was good to actually meet him after he’s left comments here a few times and we’ve had the occasional email communication. I won’t pass comment on him in a public forum except to say that he acknowledged my knitted shawl – he thought it was CROCHETED.  Sorry, John, if you want to get on the right side of the Epping knitting community, you really must do better than that!



  1. The local rag (The Northern Times) only seem to publish actual crimes that have been committed in the last week in each suburb. There is usually some drink driving around Epping/Beecroft, some drunk and disorderly in Eastwood. And a whole lot of shoplifting at Macquarie Centre.

    I don’t read the other redneck publication that gets delivered. I want to tell them to stop putting it in my mailbox.

    • A journalist from “the other redneck publication” was at the meeting but I missed him afterwards as I wanted to have a word.

      Most of the time we carry that paper from the letterbox direct to the recycling bin so it doesn’t even come into the house! OCCASIONALLY, we read it just to see if by some outside chance, it’s improved (it hasn’t).

  2. Sally, if the worst crime to hit Bennelong is my momentary confusion between your sublime knitting skills and that most confounding art of crocheting, then this is most certainly a great place to live.

    • Maybe in your world, but in mine being unable to distinguish between knitting and crocheting would be a hanging offence (though, to be fair, it’s a mistake often made by non-knitters and non-crocheters).

    • Don’t worry John – she is being sarcastic 😉

      Bennelong is a great place to live. I just wish I could afford to live there and raise a family!

      • Oops, I should mention that not knowing the difference between crochet and knit is appalling, but we don’t realistically expect everyone to know the difference.

        That being said, there are those in your electorate that would like you to know the difference between tatting, pin lace, and nalbinding ;p

  3. Great to see dialogue – Is this you making a decision to ‘sort’ your area out – if so then the Councillors need to be afraid if they are found wanting!! I’ve seen you in action – ‘quite but deadly’ I’d say!

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