A Ribbon!

4 April 2012

I went to the Easter Show Preview night last night and saw some of the most incredible knitting.  AND no wire or hooks to be seen.  Most things were properly hanged on frames or hangers and looked great.

EXCEPT for one jumper.  The deep rectangular neckline which had an inset shawl collar had somehow been turned into a V-neck with a flat collar.  And the front hem had lifted up about 6 inches.  Fortunately, it was half hidden at the back of the cabinet.  UNFORTUNATELY, It was my entry!

But it had a Highly Commended ribbon on it which was a genuine surprise.  I was quite happy with the knitting but I had so many problems finishing it – I sewed in the collar SEVEN times until I just gave up and handed it in. 

I won’t post the picture I took at the Show because it looks dreadful.  But will sort it out and re-photograph it when I get it back in a couple of weeks. 

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  1. Congratulations Sally! It was hung rather oddly (as Kris’ socks too) but I agree, overall everything looked much better this year.

  2. Must still be an old timer on the staff there.

    Having said that, well done and congratulations.

  3. Well done! Looking forward very much to seeing it. You can put the rosette with your swimming 50 yards certificate!

  4. Well done! Look forward to seeing the pics.

  5. Congratulations Sally! It was a long time in coming, but very well deserved 🙂

  6. The Irony – that Your Jumper was still hung oddly. 😉

    However, I’m glad your entry and all your hard work was honored with a Ribbon!

  7. Congratulations – I look froward to seeing the article in question.

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